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Welcome beloved! I wish to take this opportunity to thank you, especially our partners and friends, for your love and support of the Dr Jesus TV Show on the BEN TV Network! It is an honour and privilege for me to be able to serve God using the television medium so that you can be empowered to discover your purpose and realize your true potential – which has no limits and no boundaries.

Dr Jesus TV Show is a new TV show launched in the 2015! I am excited about this new project and know you and all that concerns you will be blessed and empowered by it. The Dr Jesus TV Show is a show like no other; it enters realms and territories hitherto not entered into. Broadcasting Jesus Christ to the nations, the show charts a new course in the Global Christian landscape it equips you for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. In this show Jesus is revealed, Jesus is adored, Jesus is glorified!

Come aboard! And let us take the battle to the gate of the enemy – come and we take territories by the force of prayer on the airwaves! Be assured that Christ Jesus loves you and via this show is committed to your life! I pray that whatever contribution I will have the God given opportunity to make via this platform will strengthen and enable you to grow, succeed in all you do and also make your unique and positive contribution to the world (which you are destined to make)… so that the Kingdom of our God and His Son Jesus Christ Can reign supreme on earth!

Many thanks in anticipation of the joy that is to come and be blessed!

Dr. Sandra Uba
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