Programme Features

Live Altar Call
The journey to Jesus Christ starts when you open the door of your heart to him. The feature is a non negotible staple of the 'Dr Jesus' show. An opportunity for unbelievers new to the walk with Christ and believers who have fallen by the wayside to reconnect to Jesus Christ. Salvation is the basis for warfare. The new birth is a necessity for us to be able to enjoy the trinity of God the Father, God the Son - Jesus Christ and God the Holy spirit maximally.

Book of the Week
God uses many men and women to crry out His plan to bless all the people of the earth. This feature is one of our most beloved of all as within it extracts are from selected books, strategies shared and deployed live on air. We explore the best reads list, support book giveaways and sponsor book promotions.

Special Guests From Around The World
Devoid of denominationary leanings this feature is where generals of the faith from all parts of the world are showcased and afforded the oportunity to tell their stories to the glory of God.

Christians Doing Great Things (He Hath Done Greatly)
A testimonial oportunity for ordinary christians to confess their personal encounter with the person of Jesus Christ, the personality of Jesus Christ and the power of Jesus Christ. Tune in to see christians overcome the devil by the words of their testimony an see that God is still in the business of blessing people.

Live Psalmist Ministrations On Air
The strongest forces on earth is the force of prayer and praise. This feature showcases talents from church choirs and the wider christian community the world over.

Live Prayers On Air: Be Made Whole
Scriptural prayers based on the word of God LIVE on Air! Deliverance by the word of God.

The Word Of God Revealed
The word of Gos is treasure trove of wisdom and knoeledge for the believer. Tune in to see how the logos transformed into the rhema. Get an unfetterd access into the nuggets contained in the bible - in a new way, using new techniques. In accordance with the words of JEREMIAH 1:10, tune in to see how the word of God is is used to ROOT , PULL DOWN, DESTROY, THROW DOWN, BUILD and PLANT. Learn how to war using the word of God.

Voice Of Fire
The gift of tongues was the most common spiritual gift in the New Testament church. The Bible tells us in Acts 2:4 that all of the original 120 disciples at Pentecost spoke in tongues in the Upper Room: "All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them." We don't know if they all received the gift of faith or healing or discernment, but we know for a fact that all of them received the gift of tongues. Tune in and see how the Holy Spirit has downloaded his language into the spirits of his people today. Tongues is a real language, and as with any language, you have to use it in order to increase your fluency and vocabulary. Praying in the Spirit will bring revelation and insight into God's will for your life.

Strategic Praying
Praying is not an accidental exercise - it is to be entered into with full awareness and deliberate planning. Prayer is a journey. God did not intend for us to approach prayer as a rite or rote or to follow some car repair guide to fix a broken car. It is part and parcel of our uniquely special relationship with Him.
Many people treat prayer as some type of ritual they must engage in to get God to do something for them. Tune in and be exposed to strategies on how to pray correctly, hot to pray faithfully, hot to pray decisively, how to pray with force, ow to pray with revelation, how to pray with passion and how to pray with authority. Tune in and expand your ability to pray. Tune in and learn how to better articulate the mind of God. Tune in to see how prayers birthed in warfare can be applied to your situation. Tune in to see how generals of the faith releases the will of God on earth and into your life!

The Life Coach
Seasonsed advice from experts from all around the world, doctors, lawyers, consultants, business men, business women, advocates, judges, politicians, policemen, teachers, educationists.

Prayer Warriors Invasion
RAW PRAYERS BY RAW WARRIORS! This segment of the show showcases seasoned prayer warriors on fire for God absolutely declaring massacre on the kingdom of darkness using the power, the platform and the process of prayers. Spoiling principalities, breaking down strongholds, and possessing with the sword of the spirit using prayer.

Woman! Thou Art Loosed!
Special feature for The Woman. This feature will give women the world over the opportunity to tell their own unique stories of the walk with God. This feature networks women from all over the world with the purpose of empowering them to fulfill their God-given destiny.

Weapons Of Warfare
The Lord is a man of War the Lord is His name! Prayer is warfare! And Warfare is prayer! Tune in to see how weapons can be deployed in battle. Psalm 144:1 says "blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight". This feature is the first of its kind, it is the apex of deliverance.

These are the last days and wickedness has gone nuclear. Learn how to use weapons from God's armoury and be a winner not the vanquished. Tune in to learn about weapons that you did not even know existed. Special weapons from God's armoury the DAGGER, the BREAKERS, the BEES, the TEMPEST, the FEAR OF THE DAY, THE HOST OF HEAVEN etc. Weapons that do not apologise. Weapons that have the names of your enemies as their target. Weapons that can never fail to reach their target! COME ON, TUNE INTO THE SCHOOL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!

Notable Testimonies: Infallible Proofs
There are testimonies and there are textimonies. These segment focuses on awesome testimonies of resurrecton, recreative miracles, scientific defying miracle, good news that defies all the laws of mathermatics, the law of ageing, the law of man! To the glory of God.

Holy Ghost Talk To Me
Prophetic insight given to your situation life on air by generals in God's army.

Town Crier! Christian Calendar Of Events
Special announcements on the top christian events in the UK and the rest of the world

Art Of Worship
Showcasing Dr Sandra and other notable psalmists from the world over worshipping God!

Talent Showcase
Showcasing young children and the youth from all over the world serving God with their talent.