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Every destiny is accompanied by retinue and a convoy of stars. As Dr D K Olukoya (General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM) says “… closed mouth is a closed destiny…” Not only do I agree with him, I also say this, your voice is your address in the spirit. In life what you tolerate you cannot prohibit. What you pamper you cannot scatter. Until you begin to be vocal in your command as you pray you remain local in achievement, in life, in works and in walks. After the order of Apostle Paul, I say this God Forbid!

Beloved Know this, destiny is hidden and you have to find it. No destiny comes bare. Destiny is coded and you have to find it to be a beneficiary of it. This book helps you to explore the various codes that your destiny may have been encrypted in. This book is the tool that unpicks and lays bare that very good thing that is worth fighting for – your destiny. This book gives you the tools, the framework and the strategy for discovering your destiny and thereafter making it vocal. With this book you discover your destiny. So please read on – pray on, open your destiny and manifest – In Jesus name. Amen.


According to Apostle Johnson Suleman (Founder of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide) "Your voice is your address in the spirit. If God must reach you, it is your voice that he connects and traces your challenge". I agree 100% this statement!

Child of God, know this "where God boils his yam, the devil also wants to roast his fish!" . Beloved, also for the devil to reach you, he does so with his voice! Evil voices can refer to a number of things; the definitive article of a literal voice, the principality that halts you in destiny, the audible manifestations around you, the happenings around you. Satanic altars sponsor the voice of evil in your life. Every circumstance is controlled by a particular voice. Until you deal with the evil voices you cannot become that which God has created and designed you to be!

Evil voices are from the pit of hell, they do not edify God, they question and try your faith. Evil voices sing evil sings in to the hearts and minds of people. Evil voices can emanate from the individual, the family you come from, territorial forces, national altars or indeed continental altars. Satanic voices contained atop or resident satanic emissaries have the ability to influence your life.

Satanic voices you can cover your glory, Swallow your true identity, Swallow your goodness, Reduce you, Repatriate you, Delay You, Deny You, Dicourage You, Frustrate You, Rob you amongst other things.

Beloved as you open this book silence the voice of satan rendering your life as a bad horror movie FOREVER in Jesus name? As you open this book you deploy the force resident in the Voice of God which breaketh the cedars of Lebanon to break the mandate of that evil voice in your life - in Jesus name.


Of all the books I will ever write this is the most personal, the most tear inducing, the most shocking, the most revelatory.

It is natural to have assumed that since I am the firstborn she would be my number 1 fan - NOT SO!

Life has not been easy but what would have made over 80% of the battles I faced unnecessary is if my own mother had not been my enemy. Ah! She who was once my world went from being my greatest friend to my greatest foe! How do you deal with the one who carried you in her womb for 9 months? But like Christmas goat was only fattening you for the slaughter! How do you deal with the person who knows you probably more than anyone else dead or alive? How do you deal with the mother who has donated you? How do you deal with a mother who has declared war to your face? How do you deal with a mother whose favourite pastime is consulting, praying for and paying for your downfall? Love me No! Leave Me - No! How do you deal with that?

This book once you have picked it up is hard to put down. This book is not only a must read and a MUST USE for those whose mothers have turned into the devil incarnate. This book is not fiction – IT IS REAL. IT IS MY STORY, IT IS CATHARTIC. This book is part of my deliverance from my mother's hatred of me.

This book exposes an issue that I know so many women (and men) are dealing with but on which is not a figment of one’s imagination. The nature of the battle in itself is such that you don’t know where to start from. It has taken me a long time and it is still taking me some time to deal with this most unique of all battles. In Christ I found a new mother to the glory of God. Jesus Christ is the only answer to ALL QUESTIONS that I had and still have about my mother. I have buried my soul, spirit and all of me inside Him. I bless Him that He availed Himself for me to do so.


The way to the heart of God is through praise – proof validated by the love God had and still has for biblical patriarchs such as King David. We can beseech God, appeal to Him, talk to Him and a lot more, BUT the only way to be in his presence is through praise and worship.

This engaging book sets you aright in practicalising how to praise God using /his magnificent names. This book is not only a must read, but it is a MUST USE in all situations and instances. It is a book for all seasons. On pulpit and off the pulpit, in the place of prayer and praise, in the house, in the office, in the shop, in the train, in your family, in your gatherings, in your house fellowships and even in your dreams! As you use this book the God of heaven jumps out of the pages and perfects that which concerns you.

This book will equip and shift you from the realm of the ritualistic and religious praise to the dynamic relationship and will ignite your love for the presence of God. This book simply put will make you fall in love all over again WITH GOD!


Your father’s house is your genesis, your beginning, your start, your origin, your root. It is that paradox – a physical yet spiritual location where you hail from. By all means you will have had no choice in where you found yourself in the beginning of your life but by God you surely can decide not to be part of the ills, negatives, curses, collective captivity and disadvantages of your father’s house. You can determine how you will end.

The issue at hand is that if only life (in particular for those of African descent) was not a s volatile, as tumultuous or as perplexingly difficult as it is, most of use will consider our father’s house to be an alien concept which we will not have delved into at all.

The father’s house and consciously disengaging and decoupling g from it has become topic De Rigueur to date and the renaissance of this subject matter fundamental in the quest to live godly fulfilling lives. Failure to handle the vagaries of your father’s house will mean that life will manhandle you.

This book positions you for the most strategic of all combats you will ever fight as a child of God. You father’s house simply refuses to be ignored. IT seeks your attention and so you must give it on your own terms in Jesus name.


Nothing kills a man or woman better than the knowledge that s/he can do something but for some unknown and unfathomable reason s/he cannot do it. Perennial failure, disappointment, rejection, truncation of expectations, lack of support the list is endless but the end result is the same. That that destiny is held to a spot – forced to remain immobile – forced to be wasted. Forced to be at a standstill. Forced to be irrelevant. Forced to be enslaved. Forced to watch things happen instead of making things happen.

This book is designed to equip you so that you do not fight as one that beats the air. You have located the problem – IMMOBILE DESTINY. You know who can get you out of the mess of stagnancy – GOD. Your mind is made up and you are resolved not to retreat or surrender to a life of sub-optimality then this is the book for you.

With unapologetic targeted prayers that find their mark, prayers that never misfire, prayers that do not come back to you void this is the book that will teach your hands to war against destiny immobilisers and your fingers to fight against the agenda of hell paralysing your efforts in life.

Be delivered as you use this book in Jesus name. Amen.


If you have a destiny, you must have an enemy. It is normal to have enemies. Enemies are a sign that you have a table. If nobody bothers you, it means you are nobody. Enmity is normal to destiny. In fact you eminence reveals your enemies. If you are eminent you must have enemies.

Therefore enemies are a sign that you have a table. Enemies are normal but what is not normal is enemies that appear as friends. Masquerading enemies. Enemies that change shape. Enemies that shift composition and makeup - shape shifters. Enemies that beat you and comfort you after the pain. Enemies that bite you and blow you. Enemies that stab you with the knife and yet are the ones that call ambulance services for you. Enemies that go ahead of you and corrupt your favour before men and women. That is a secret enemy!

This is the book that flushes and unveils the secret enemies that operate from the shadows of your life and destiny in Jesus name. Amen.


A phenomena unique particularly to African, Asian and South American societies.

The story of evil trees is a tale as old as time – frightening. The tunes sung about it are tunes as old as song. A dirge no less.

Toppling the evil tree is priority number one in the quest to live an optimal life. Today in places like South East Nigeria, no village liberation crusade or family liberation programme is complete without the felling down of the evil tree epicentre of disaster of human life.

Unholy oaks, weeping willows, barking baobabs, wicked beeches, irksome irokos, dangerous dongoyaros, oppressive orjis - the list goes on. Seemingly innocuous trees, seemingly innocent plantings but spiritually deadly entities!

Demonic trees have become the devil’s hangouts. The place of choice where evil spirits come to play. Satanic airports where witches take off and land. Evil trees perpetuate evil energy. Evil trees straddle the world of the spiritual and the physical.

Strange stories, weird stories, stories that defy logic and preconceived notions that you previously held as true. Trees represent spirits, trees represent altars, trees represent shrines, trees represents darkness. Trees are a favourite tool for propagating the gospel of darkness, of ancient powers, of witchcraft, of the occult.

Stories abound of trees that speak. Trees that bleed blood when cut. Tress that specifically ask that Christians do not pray around it. Trees that refuse to die even though to all intents and purposes they have been physically cut to the roots. Trees that reveal what is to come (divining trees). Trees that decree to generations. Trees that make hard to believe demands. Trees that are revered. Trees that speak before humans can act Trees that demand sacrifice. Trees that dictate the life and pace of families. Trees that take the pride of place in family life. Trees that demand and take worship. Trees that whole human beings are dedicated to. Trees that come alive at night. Trees that cross continents and cause havoc.

Evil trees that regardless of location, of ilk, of location, of cultivation exhibit characteristics that share the same taproot of darkness. Left unchecked the effect of the evil tree in your life cannot be overstated – they prevent destiny from happening, they interfere with your peace, they perpetuate the evil inheritances of failure, poverty, lack and shortage of your father’s / mother’s house, they fuel the miseries of your ancestry and they celebrate bondages in all spheres of your life.

The intention of this book is to turn the evil tree that interrupts your destiny into bonfire. Stop that evil tree before it stops you anymore! So please open up the book and start the burning process - burn that evil tree right to the ground. It must die!


The metaphoric description of the Word of God in Hebrews 4:12;

“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart”

is akin to a dagger. Think about it, the dagger is operated quickly, it is sharp indeed, and it is piercing to the dividing asunder of any material particularly through the folds of the enemy’s flesh. The dagger exterminates in one fell swoop particularly attacks from witch doctors, occult powers and demonic arrows..
The dagger;
* Brooks no resistance
* Is a powerful deliverance weapon
* Is useful in all types of warfare
* Is a strategic weapon that can be used when victory becomes urgent and important!

It is my sincere prayers for you that as you read this book you are motivated to battle to the finish. Know this the dagger works - either in its raw form or in its metaphoric forms (i.e. the Word of God). My preferred of course being when it is deployed as the Word of God. Beloved get provoked and deal with the devil and his cohorts using judgmental weapons, actions, devices and strategies - use the dagger!

In life if you are too gentle, you cannot settle, if you are too casual you become a casualty. Nothing lives until something dies. Get radical! Pick up the Dagger of the Lord and attain! Pick up the dagger of the Word of God, attain and retain!