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Meet Dr Sandra Uba
Dr Sandra Uba is an accomplished evangelist, worshipper, praise warrior, pastor, author, psalmist, altar builder and teacher of biblical truths with a mandate to spread the Word of God all over the world. Grounded solidly in the Word and practiced as a frontline prayer warrior/intercessor her unique unction, utterance and convincing delivery (on pulpit, on television, on air radio and in print) has set the pace and identified her as blessed amongst all others – women or men – in this generation and beyond.

She serves the meal of the Word of God as it was prepared by God; undiluted and unadulterated. She operates on the basis that the strongest forces on earth are the forces of PRAYER AND PRAISE. Totally sold to God, immersed in His grace, unashamed in being surnamed by Him, she upholds the Word of God in all places the sole of her feet treads on. Her unction and anointing is a gift to this age to the glory of God.

With a sterling professional background in Technical Project/Programme Management, Education Entrepreneurialship and Change Management IT Consultancy, she is proof that God can indeed use ANYBODY at ANYTIME for His glory.

Her work has entailed delivering predominantly large scale projects and programmes to a variety of companies across many different industries and across many different countries and today yielded to God on all fronts she continues to march onward as a Christian soldier unequivocally submitted to God and evangelising that Jesus is the LORD of ALL.

Prolific author of best sellers amongst which are the following titles; “Weapons of Warfare", "Dagger Them!”, “Deliverance From Fibroids”, “I Shall Eat The Fruit of My Labour!”, “Woman! 50 Destinies You Must Reject”, "Adonai I Worship You”, “War Against Monitoring Spirits”, "Secret Enemies", “I Jump Out Of My Mother! My Mother Jump Out Of Me”, “Point and Kill”, “First Born and Set Free”, “By Fire, By Force, By Plague”, “Find Them, Fight Them, Finish Them!”, “The Right Hand Of God Is Power” and many more others; the story of Sandra “The Evangelist” is one of a woman manifesting the Grace of God.

The story of Dr. Sandra Uba is one of a woman manifesting the Grace of God.

Praise the Lord.