About The "Dr Jesus" Show

A very special weekly hourlong christian programming that takes its place as the standout TV show of this generation. Dedicated to the revelation, adoration and glorification of Jesus Christ, the 'Dr Jesus' show is a multi faceted production that delivers an enriched television experience to christians globally. With its rich assemblage of programming features, practical hints, tips, views and news, the 'Dr Jesus' show adds value to your walk with God. True to its tagline which informs that it exists to "broadcast Jesus to the nations", the 'Dr Jesus' show exists to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the whole earth. Praise The Lord!

About The Show Host

Meet Dr Sandra Uba
Dr Sandra Uba is an accomplished evangelist, worshipper, praise warrior, pastor, author, psalmist, altar builder and teacher of biblical truths with a mandate to spread the Word of God all over the world. Grounded solidly in the Word and practiced as a frontline prayer warrior/intercessor her unique unction, utterance and convincing delivery (on pulpit, on television, on air radio and in print) has set the pace and identified her as blessed amongst all others – women or men – in this generation and beyond.

Programme Features

The Word Of God
The word of God is treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge for the believer. Tune in to see how the logos transformed into the rhema. Get an unfettered access into the nuggets contained in the bible - in a new way, using new techniques. In accordance with the words of JEREMIAH 1:10, tune in to see how the word of God is used to ROOT , PULL DOWN, DESTROY, THROW DOWN, BUILD and PLANT. Learn how to war using the word of God.

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Every destiny is accompanied by retinue and a convoy of stars. As Dr D K Olukoya (General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM) says “… closed mouth is a closed destiny…” Not only do I agree with him, I also say this, your voice is your address in the spirit. In life what you tolerate you cannot prohibit. What you pamper you cannot scatter. Until you begin to be vocal in your command as you pray you remain local in achievement, in life, in works and in walks. After the order of Apostle Paul, I say this God Forbid!

Beloved Know this, destiny is hidden and you have to find it. No destiny comes bare. Destiny is coded and you have to find it to be a beneficiary of it. This book helps you to explore the various codes that your destiny may have been encrypted in. This book is the tool that unpicks and lays bare that very good thing that is worth fighting for – your destiny. This book gives you the tools, the framework and the strategy for discovering your destiny and thereafter making it vocal. With this book you discover your destiny. So please read on – pray on, open your destiny and manifest – In Jesus name. Amen.

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Welcome beloved! I wish to take this opportunity to thank you, especially our partners and friends, for your love and support of the Dr Jesus TV Show on the BEN TV Network! It is an honour and privilege for me to be able to serve God using the television medium so that you can be empowered to discover your purpose and realize your true potential – which has no limits and no boundaries.

Dr Jesus TV Show is a new TV show launched in the 2015! I am excited about this new project and know you and all that concerns you will be blessed and empowered by it. The Dr Jesus TV Show is a show like no other; it enters realms and territories hitherto not entered into. Broadcasting Jesus Christ to the nations, the show charts a new course in the Global Christian landscape it equips you for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. In this show Jesus is revealed, Jesus is adored, Jesus is glorified!

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